US Needs Justice And Rule Of Law.

US Needs Justice And Rule Of Law. The United States of America, No Longer has Justice or Rule of Law, as we are witnessing before our very eyes. We have false investigations that are not performing their stated purpose and are ignoring obvious evidence. We see no investigations or indictments into matters that are clearly treasonous and seditious, involving an illegal attempt to effect a Presidential Election and overthrow a sitting President. We see illegal immigrants being preference over US Citizens and Legal Immigrants. The American People have ZERO faith in the DOJ and FBI at this time.

Equal Justice Under The Law. Rule of Law. With Liberty and Justice For All. We, the American People, see a system that has become corrupt and has failed US. The Constitution and the Laws of the Land are now in serious jeopardy due to this. The fall of the Roman Empire was Due to Corruption and Evil from within. The Systems MUST be restored or OUR Constitutional Republic is Over. Evil has infiltrated our systems like a cancer, and if it is Not removed the patient will die.

The Time has come for The Attorney General to Unrecuse himself and purge the DOJ, FBI and all Executive Agencies of the Evil Ones who have infiltrated our Great Nation’s Systems with the intent to Destroy US from Within. The Recusal of Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein is demanded due to obvious conflicts of interests that go far beyond even the appearance of conflict. The Rules and Regulations regarding this are clear and being ignored. The Supreme Court needs to force an official hearing into false evidence submitted to obtain FISA warrants and subsequent renewals. Congress should be demanding and enforcing its rights and obligations of oversight. If these things are NOT done, then The President MUST force them with his Power of Oversight and Authority as Top Law Enforcer. If these things are NOT done soon, THEN the Military Should take the unheard of precedent of a Military COUP, to Save our Great Republic and Restore Her.

God/Allah/Yahweh has an Army of Righteous Warriors ready for Battle. Evil can NOT stand up against the Power of God/Allah/Yahweh, but if He must intervene Directly, then Judgement Day will have Arrived. If the Righteous want to Save and Turn the Evil Ones to the Light, then they Must do so quickly, for Time is Running Out. The signs of the Endtimes are Here, and only a Fool fails to see this Truth. God/Allah/Yahweh Give The Righteous The Strength And Endurance To Overcome The Evil Ones And Save As Many As Possible.

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