Not Under Oath.

Not Under Oath. If the Mueller Investigation needs President Trump to be questioned, it should not be under oath, thereby assuring the American People, and President Trump’s Legal Team, that it is not a Perjury Trap. If the Mueller Investigation refuses this stipulation, then President Trump should NOT answer any questions. It is as simple as this. The Mueller Investigation has no stated crime, therefore his appointment is invalid according to the rules for the appointment of a Special Counsel. The US Congress should find this as an acceptable alternative, unless they are really after Impeaching the President on anything can they find. Hillary Clinton was allowed this, and she had crimes stated against her, so President Trump should have the same treatment. If the same treatment is NOT to be OFFERED to President Trump, then the President should FIRE Robert Mueller and have his Investigation replaced with one that will pursue the Crimes of the Obama Administration also.

The Mueller Investigation is a sham and here is your proof of this. The Mueller Investigation has failed to follow the obvious leads, and continues to follow leads generated by the FAKE Dossier. The Investigation has failed to pursue the criminal acts that have arisen from the Russia Collusion in the 2016 Election. The Investigation has failed to pursue verification of the Hacking by Russians into the DNC, Hillary Clinton Private Server, and the Podesta Emails. Without Verification of Crime, any charges brought in court are Useless. This is a basic step that any Law Enforcement Personnel will tell you is essential for any solid case to move forward. We know President Trump offered 5 million dollars to anyone who could provide him with the 33,000 deleted Clinton emails, when he was campaigning. Since President Trump has never received these, it must be assumed that no one has these, or that those that do have them have already been bought off by someone else. On the campaign trail, President Trump spoke of improving relations with Russia. Slovenia offered to be the go between for these efforts, but we have heard nothing of any avenues investigated in this respect. It should also be noted that First Lady Melania Trump’s parents were formerly members of the Communist Party. The natural path for Trump/Russia collusion would have probably taken this path if any existed. President Trump is also good friends with the Prime Minister of Israel, and a back channel could easily have been made through him also. It should also be noted that President Trump is also friends with the King of Jordan and the Saudi Royal Family.

It should also be noted that President Trump has put Top Military Personnel in his cabinet and key positions, and they would have known if President Trump was anything but a True Patriotic American Citizen. President Trump ran for President to SAVE the United States of America. President Trump is a billionaire, and has lost personal wealth since becoming President. He does not take a salary, and is constantly looking for ways to save taxpayer money. He has revived the economy faster than even thought he could. He is rebuilding the US Military and has made the USA respected again in the world. President Trump is a Reaganite, and believes in the concepts of Reaganomics. President Reagan revived our economy and military also, and we saw the collapse of the USSR under his leadership as well as many of the military advances we still use today. President Trump will guide this Great Nation into the next Technology era. The Policies and Actions of President Trump, benefit the American People and no one else. The American People are Proud of Their President. Thank You, Mr President. God Bless America.

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