United States Military Intelligence.

United States Military Intelligence. You never hear anything from them but they exist. Carter Page was a Naval Intelligence Officer, but little is said about this. Admiral Rogers was the one that informed President-Elect Trump of the spying, and President-Elect Trump moved his transition team to Bedminster NJ. We know that Admiral Rogers was  U.S. Cyber Command(USCYBERCOM). He concurrently served as the 17th director of the National Security Agency (NSA) and as chief of the Central Security Service (CSS). Admiral Rogers is the only Intelligence Agency head to question the hacking of the DNC server with only a moderate assurance, due to underlying layers not present for higher rating. He is the only Intelligence Agency head, that was not replaced by President Trump. United States Military Intelligence may have already collected and stored the necessary data required to convict many of the Obama Administration former officials and the holdovers. They also may have been collecting and storing data on the people involved in this soft coup attempt against President Trump. President Trump has occasionally referenced emails instead of texts, which may mean that the conspirators are being monitored and that we know all the Evil Un-American Radical Democrats/Globalists, their contacts around the world, as well as what information they are exchanging. National Security and the protection of our Military Secrets, falls under the Jurisdiction of the Dept of Defense.

We, the American People, love our US Military, and the job they do to keep us safe, and assure our freedoms. President Trump is the Hero of the US Military Forces, as well as the Commander-in-Chief. He has brought Pride and Honor back to the United States of America. He is rebuilding the depleted Armed Forces and letting them do their jobs properly again. The United States of America has the greatest fighting force the world has ever known. The United States Armed Forces will protect this Great Nation, Its Great People, and its Great President. God Bless America.

The Evil Un-American Radical Democrats/Globalists have much to fear this day. Their days are numbered, and the God Fearing Patriotic American People are bringing back God, Country, and Family. The war of Good vs Evil is begun, and the Righteous Army of God includes the US Armed Forces. God Bless America And Make Her His Blinding Light Of Truth, Justice, And Righteousness.

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