Persons And Items Still Not Investigated ????

Persons And Items Still Not Investigated ???? Why have none of the FISA judges been subpoenaed to testify ?? Why have none of the judges filed perjury, false statements, and contempt, in regards to the FISA warrants illegally obtained with false unverified information ?? Why has the indictment and extradition of Christopher Steele been sought ?? Why have the Obama Library daily security briefings not been obtained by search and seizure ?? Why has the NSA database security logs and files not been obtained by search and seizure ?? Why has the DNC server not been obtained with search and seizure ?? Why have the signators of the FISA applications not been subpoenaed to testify ?? Why has Congress not used impeachment and contempt charges even though they are still being stonewalled ?? Why has Mueller NOT investigated HRC or a single democrat in relation to Russia Collusion even though he is supposed to follow where the evidence leads ?? Why has Former President Obama not been subpoenaed to testify in regards to FISA surveillance of Trump Tower and by British Intelligence, that he ordered and then denied by public statement ?? Why have the DOJ and FBI stonewalled all the oversight committees over the documents ?? Why has the President not ordered that the documents be brought to him ?? Why has Congress not taken any action to get them except letters and subpoenas that are being ignored ?? Why has the Judicial Branch not exercised its oversight, especially in relation to FISA ?? Why has testimony from WikiLeaks and Julian Asange been pursued ??


The American People deserve to see the three branches of government function as written within the United States Constitution. All we see is bits of information that point to an attempted rigging of a Presidential Election, Not by Russia, but by the Obama Administration and the Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee. We see upon their failure, that they attempted a soft coup by trying to frame President-elect Trump with collusion with Russia. We see that they are hiding, destroying, and stonewalling evidence, in an attempt to make prosecution impossible by running out the statute of limitations. This is corruption at its worst. The greatest problem with this corruption, is that it is not just an internal United States matter, but a global matter that has many actors that must be taken down. We may feel that President Trump is letting us down, and not doing anything about this matter, but he has made hints that something is in the works. We see that he is weakening the players globally that have sought not just the downfall of the United States but other nations also. We see other nations following the example of the United States and voting for Nationalists to replace the Globalists. President Trump has effectively destroyed the chance of a New World Order, at least the kind that the Globalists want. The American People also know that we are dealing with Evil as well as Corruption.

President Trump needs to understand that the American People are not Idiots and that we all see the Lies and Deceptions coming from those who are Evil and Corrupt. We also know that attempted coups and assassinations are to be met with swift Justice, but we are Not seeing this. We Pray To God, That This Is A Staged Show Of Weakness For A Beneficial Goal. If this is a true weakness, we will correct it in 2020. If Justice is not served, and our systems are Not made functional, We shall Pray to God/Allah/Yahweh, and he shall correct it, with His Justice. God/Allah/Yahweh We Pray For Judgement Day, And The World And Gifts You Have Promised The Righteous. Praise Be To God/Allah/Yahweh.

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