Cover Up. Evidence IS Missing.

Cover Up. Evidence IS Missing. Strange how evidence is suddenly going missing from multiple cases. DWS server has been reported as stolen. DWS laptop was supposed to be delivered to prosecution but was given to defense by mistake. Hillary Clinton server was bleach bitted. DNC server has never been accessed by FBI to this day. Obama records are missing from archives, and other records are missing due to use of private emails. Text messages went missing at FBI, and 302s were altered and previous versions were deleted. DOJ, FBI, and FISA documents are being stonewalled, but only when it deals with Obama Administration. Have investigations been opened to tampering with evidence??? The Evil Un-American Radical Democrats and their Globalists Allies are in panic and cover up mode. We, The American People, can only hope that our advice was heeded last year and that the records were copied and safely stored away for prosecutions. The battle between Good and Evil is under way and we must be one step ahead of the Evil ones who want to destroy us and our chance to enter Heaven and be with God. The Righteous Army of God/Allah/Yahweh, is preparing for battle and putting on their armor. Truth, Understanding, Honesty, Rule of Law, and Justice, are the concepts that make the Righteous capable of defeating the Unrighteous. God/Allah/Yahweh is showing his mighty power and the Evil Ones are scared of being tossed into Hell when Judgement Day commences. There is still time to change and show God/Allah/Yahweh that you are on his side and desire the wonderful gifts he offers.

We are beginning to see that the proof of their lies and deceptions are being found and that they are destroying it to protect themselves. They are truly scared now. President Trump has been influenced and blessed by God/Allah/Yahweh. The Rule of Law and Justice must be restored, if the United States of America, is going to survive these EndTimes. It is time for the Army of Righteousness to protect the concepts of God/Allah/Yahweh and show him we are worthy to be called his Children and Not the Children of Inequity and Evil. Praise God/Allah/Yahweh for guiding us according to his plan and making us worthy of being in his presence. Follow God/Allah/Yahweh’s laws and use your intellect to make him proud of you. Do Not let Evil, Deceit, Lies, and Ignorance destroy your chances with him. Truth, Understanding, Wisdom, Faith, Truth, Knowledge, Justice, and Righteousness, are the ways to God/Allah/Yahweh and Heaven. God Bless And Guide Every Member Of The Army Of Righteousness.



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