USA and North Korea Prepare for Summit.

USA and North Korea Prepare for Summit. United States President Donald J Trump and North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un are now both in Singapore for their historic peace summit. The world is watching with great anticipation that this summit may lead to an end of the Korean war and a stabilization of the Asian Pacific region. The greatest problem will be coming out with a plan that reintegrates North Korea with the rest of the world. North Korea has been known as the Hermit Kingdom for some time due to its isolation from the rest of the world. Long ago the Korean war was fought to stop the spread of communism. Today the picture is very different and it is time for a new vision. The United States does not desire to destroy North Korea, but can do so in two main ways, military and/or economical. The expression ‘Time to bury the hatchet’ comes to mind.


May God Guide These Talks Into An Everlasting Peace For The Region.

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