We Now Have A President Of The United States Of America.

We Now Have A President Of The United States Of America. The American People thank President Trump, for finally taking charge of the Executive branch. May God Bless And Guide President Trump. The American People have been waiting for their President to take charge of the Executive branch and to finally realize the power of the office he was voted to occupy. We congratulate President Trump on this first step and look forward to him restoring the Rule Of Law and Justice For All. We expect to see major shakeups and meltdowns from the DC Swamp and fake news Main Stream Media, as they scramble to attempt to stay in power, and out of jail. President Trump has the victim for far too long and the American People need to see strength at home as well as abroad. The Un-American Radical Democrats, DC Swamp, and Main Stream Media, need to the strength and spirit of the American People, as well as their duly elected President. We have seen that the Obama Administration attempted to destroy this Great Republic from within, and then tried to destroy and hinder the President we elected to save US. The only weakness we have been seeing from this President has been the taking control of the homeland and executive branch. Our hearts have been heavy seeing the bashing everyone has been giving President Trump here in the USA. President Trump has just shown US that he is still a fighter, and our hearts have been lifted by this. We still await justice for those who attempted to overthrow our President using the most vile and evil of tactics we have ever seen. We still await the return of the rule of law, which the states and executive branch agencies have twisted and abused to attempt to take down the USA. The sworn oaths of the traitors to the USA, must be enforced and discipline in the ranks restored. God Bless America And Make Her Great Again. The American People are NOT blind idiots, but if you watch the MSM (Main Stream Media) you would think we just elected the Devil, and that our previous president was God on Earth. The Righteous are filled with Understanding, and seek the Truth of all things. President Trump has told us the truth much more than the others in government. He has kept his promises to US, which is so refreshing. He has his good points, and bad points, because no one is perfect. He believes in God, prays, and has brought religion back to US. He is a very rich man, and yet he desired to become president and save the country he loves. He must love God and country a helluva lot to put up with the attacks and abuse he does. The Unrighteous are filled with Hate and Anger, and their Lies and Deceits are filled with Untruth. They worship the Devil and seek only power and riches for themselves. They seek to destroy God and the USA so they create a NWO (New World Order) or OWO (One World Order) that they control. They seek to keep humanity from entering Heaven, from being worthy to be with God, and from receiving the wonderful gifts God has promised. They want to spread Ignorance and Evil so they can prove to God that Humanity is Primitive and Worthless, and should be destroyed. Are you worth saving?

President Trump, you need to be strong at home, and show the American People that God guides you and protects you. God Bless America And Guide The Righteous To Heaven.

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