Genius or Insane???

Many people lately have been questioning the President’s mental health, and I have a simple question for them. Could you have accomplished what the President has done in less than a year? The answer is probably, NO. The Democrats and the Main Stream Media wish to push a narrative that would mean the American People voted for a madman. Do you think you voted for a madman or a patriotic genius? I think President Trump is a genius. The economy is booming and we are seeing national pride and spirit return. I think the people who are questioning our President are idiots with an agenda. Yes, I said IDIOTS. How many geeks out there have been called insane by their student peers? People of limited intelligence always try to put down those who are smart because they want to be the top dog in the eyes of the public. The teachers praise the geeks, where the students make fun of them. Sound familiar? The American People are not stupid and they did not vote for a madman. President Trump is the greatest threat to the liberal Democrat agenda and the DC Swamp because he is not corrupt and set up a cabinet that can not be bought. The conspiracy to overthrow President Trump with the fake Russian collusion is backfiring because President Trump was Smart enough to have the Intelligence committees look into it. The American People are about to enjoy the fall of the DC Swamp and many in the democratic party, as the Obama Administration corruption and conspiracy to overthrow our duly elected President Trump comes to light. Now I will ask the question again. Genius or Insane? President Trump is the Genius, and those that conspired to overthrow him are the IDIOTS. The American People are proud of President Trump and our admiration will only grow as the government corruption is exposed and removed. Long live President Trump and The United States of America. God Bless America and Its President.

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