Mueller Investigation: Why is the RNC being looked into and not the DNC ???

Why is the Mueller investigation looking into the RNC and not the DNC? There is more than enough evidence showing that the DNC colluded with Russia and the Ukraine, yet all we hear about is he is going after President Trump, his administration, and the RNC. Where are the interviews and indictments against those democrats that we actually know colluded with Russia and the Ukraine in opposition research dossier that actually was used to illegally spy on the Trump Campaign and President-Elect Transition? The American are not stupid and we see this as a bias. Why is the Mueller investigation only targeting President Trump and associates when it is supposed to be investigating how Russia influenced or attempted to influence our presidential election? Who procured the emails from the DNC server? Was it from outside or was it an inside job as the NSA analysts say? Did the US government bring in British intelligence to spy on the Trump Campaign and transition? Was the information provided in dossier provided by Russia or made up by Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS? Why are there no indictments for using a fake dossier to obtain FISA warrants? Why are there no indictments for spying on a presidential candidate and president-elect? Why is it that Mueller has not indicted the leakers? Why does it appear that the investigation is avoiding anything to do with the Obama administration, democrats, DNC, or the Clinton campaign? Justice is blind and the investigation is supposed to go where it leads, yet now we hear that it is expanding to the RNC, but not the DNC? We, the American People want justice and the rule of law. If the other side is not charged, then replace Mueller and give us someone who will do their job! God Bless America and bring rule of law back to our great republic.

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