Truth or Deceit? Which Do Want America?

The American People need to take back our country. We are tired of lies and deceits that are pushed on us that merely advance the hidden agendas of our politicians. We,the American People want our rights protected, we want our borders secure, we want to be safe, we want our laws enforced, we want our history and traditions to live on, we want to feel proud to be Americans. We are tired of feeling like second class citizens inside our own country, we are tired of seeing illegals and non-citizens being treated better than the US Citizens, we are tired of our weak borders and immigration policies, we are tired of rampart government corruption and our justice system failing to enforce the rule of laws, we are tired of lies and deceits when we can see them, we are tired of the inaction of the executive branch to investigate and prosecute the crimes we see, we are tired of the judicial branch letting people go free and making judgments based on politics not law, we are tired of the legislative branch and its failures to enact laws that benefit the American People, we are tired of being treated like fools.

The American People want change and reform that benefits all the US Citizens first, all the Legal Permanent Residents second, and all those legally visiting our great nation third. The United States of America is rich in heritage and tradition, but we are being destroyed from within now. Our children know nothing of our American history, and even less about history on the whole. The children think that their parents and grandparents grew up with all the luxuries and electronics of today. They have no idea what life was in the past. We, older Americans, need to teach them what life was like in the past. Electricity and combustion have transformed the world into what it is today. The last 100 years have seen many advancements, but the children do not realize that computers and cellphones have become common only in the last 30 years. The children are our future, but if they do not learn how to love this country, they will just give it away along their freedoms. The republic of the United States of America will cease to exist and will fall as the Roman Empire did, unless we teach the children the American spirit and show them how to love and protect this great nation. God Bless America and save her for the future of the world.


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