Sorry Mr President.

The DC Establishment has been fighting you every step of the way, in regards to implementing your ‘Make America Great Again’ agenda. Congress has been largely impotent at all major legislative policies that help your agenda. The US Senate has been been the worst, from holding up your appointees to failing their promises to the American People. The Resist movement of the Democrats has been able to stifle your progress forward, but that has been due to their underhanded actions. You need to expose these actions to the American People. The American People need to see your backbone, and lately we have not seen this. The Main Stream Media is making you look like an incompetent politician, and your backing of the Republican party politicians, and your failure to bring Democratic party politicians to justice, are hurting your image in the eyes of the American People. Peace through Strength is not just for foreign relations but also for domestic relations.

You have been tough with other countries and we are very proud of you on that front. You have been weak on showing the American People strength at home. We all know that Former President Obama, and his administration, used political espionage through the intelligence agencies, to create, propagate, and falsely accuse, you and your incoming administration of colluding with Russia. Where are the investigations into this? The Democratic National Committee (DNC) was not hacked by Russia. Where is the investigation into this? Former FBI Director Comey, rigged the outcome of the Hillary Clinton email scandal, colluded with US Attorney General Lynch and probably Former President Obama, in regards to this, as well as the infamous Trump Russia Dossier that the FBI pushed forward to surveil your campaign, transition, and the start of your administration. He also leaked memos of meetings with you as well as committed perjury in regards to the dossier, DNC hack, and the wiretapping of Trump Tower. Where are the investigations into this? The Intelligence agencies all lied to Congress. Where is the investigation into this? Former President Obama modified 12333 to make following the leakers harder and to ensure problems for you and your administration, as well as lied about surveillance. Where is the investigation into this? Obama Whitehouse documents were sent to the Obama Library to ensure no public access to them for 5 years. Where is the investigation into this? We have seen so much fake news, false data, and false testimonies. Where are the investigations into all this? Where are the statements to let the American People know the lies that were told to them? Where are the testimonies before Congress of Former President Obama, Christopher Steele, and the FISA judges? Many of the American People are divided on these issues because no information has been publicly announced, and no actions appear to be taken. Mr President, you appear weak to the American People in these areas, and that is why your ratings are still low. Many American People do not realize that you are innocent, and therefore they view you as guilty because the narrative is still being pushed by Democrats and the Main Stream Media. You must stop this narrative, and then the country will unite a bit more, and your ratings will improve. The liberal American People believe Mueller will find evidence for your removal from office. Straighten them out!!! Also make the Department of Justice and Congressional Intelligence Committees, tell the TRUTH !!!

The Alabama Senator race is just one example of how the American People are viewing your judgments lately. The American People are putting politicians in place to assist you, that believe in your agenda. The existing Republican Party is filled with members of the swamp and if you and US Attorney General Sessions can not or will not drain the swamp, then the American People will, through the power of the Vote.

Dear President Trump,

We, the American People, want to see TRUTH, STRENGTH, HONESTY, NATIONAL PRIDE, RESPECT and Adherence to the RULE OF LAW. DO NOT CHANGE from the man we voted for. DO NOT let the swamp overcome you. We have your back, when you stick to the agenda. GOD BLESS YOU and GUIDE YOU, MR PRESIDENT. God Bless America, and make her Great again.


The American People

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