America is Back.

Thank you President Trump for your inspiring speeches both at the United Nations and today at Alabama. The United States of America, is proud of our President Trump, and his restoring of the Spirit of America. The world is once again respecting the United States, and the American People are feeling pride and hope once again. President Trump has been honest with the American People and we love him for that. We have a long fight ahead, both foreign and domestic. President Trump is leading the foreign fight, and the enemies are reacting. Just listen to the rhetoric from their leaders. President Trump made it known in Alabama that US Attorney General Jeff Sessions is leading the domestic battle. When the crowd chanted ‘lock her up’ referring to Hillary Clinton, President Trump said ‘speak with Jeff Sessions’. President Trump praised both the Attorney General and his Chief of Staff for the wonderful jobs they are doing. We, the American People, must put faith in our President Trump, and believe that investigations are under way of our domestic enemies, and that justice will be served in good time. Our President was in rare form tonight, as he laughed and joked with the people, explained back door politics, and shared his heart and vision with them. The President is the first sincere, honest, patriotic, and truly American, President we have had in a long time. He spoke of American Pride, and that everyone should respect our flag, our anthem, and our nation. He spoke of God, and the importance of religion. He spoke high praise of our military, police, border patrol, and ICE. He spoke of the progress of the border wall, and that it will be built. He spoke of the rebuilding of the military and reforms of the VA. He spoke of the battle against gangs, drugs, and illegal immigrants. He spoke of the actions being taken against North Korea, terrorists, and Iran. He spoke of fake news and the Russia hoax. He spoke to the crowd for 1 hour and 20 minutes. He criticized some people and praised others. He explained why he supports Luther Strange for senator and let the people know the lies that are being spread about the candidate. He spoke of how he went to Luther Strange and asked him if he would like his endorsement and a speech. President Trump wants Luther Strange to be the senator of Alabama, and he asked the people of Alabama to make it real and go vote. The Presidents spirits were high and he raised the spirits of all who saw his speech. God Bless President Trump and The United States of America.

Nothing was really said about the conspiracy against our President Trump and his administration. The confidence and lifted spirits of President Trump, as well as his lack of criticism and condemnation, must lead us to believe that the investigations are proceeding and that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is doing a great job at keeping the information out of the public eye, as it should be until indictments are made. The anger that we, the American People, feel about the conspiracy is not reflected in our President. President Trump is highly intelligent and today was very happy. We must believe, that in the coming months, our President will be exonerated of any collusion with Russia or obstruction of justice. We must also believe that in the coming months, we will see indictments brought against the treasonous Obama administration, and maybe even the former President himself. Justice under the rule of law, and liberals crying once again, as their false heroes are put on trial and sent to jail. God will be shining brightly on the United States of America, the American People, and the President of the United States, at that time. God Bless Us All Who Believe In Him And Righteousness. God Bless America.

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