The plot against President Trump.

Let me begin with a little prayer. May God keep President Trump safe, and strike down the enemies of the Republic of The United States of America, foreign and domestic. Since before President Trump was elected, forces have been used against him that are not even legal, yet I hear very little about this. I also hear very little about the forces being used against him now. President Trump is a very rich businessman, that did not need to become President to advance his personal wealth. President Trump is also a very intelligent man, and we see this with his cabinet picks, and his foreign policies. We have all seen what the Main Stream Media, US Congressional leaders, and DC Establishment, have been doing to President Trump. President Trump’s Administration, still has many jobs vacant, due to the US Senators drawing out the confirmation process. Many deputy secretaries, ambassadors, and federal judges, among others, still need confirmation. The Trump Administration is still filled with Obama Administration holdovers due to this. When are the US Senators going to stop fighting President Trump and confirm his people? The enemies of President Trump and the American People, do not want this administration to run smoothly, so they can say to you that they do not know how to govern. We the American People see President Trump doing extremely well, especially without the resources and personnel that a normal President would have already. President Trump is one of the most intelligent Presidents we have ever had. President Trump’s cabinet is one of the most intelligent and successful, ever assembled. Not to mention, the wealthiest and least corruptible. President Trump is removing corruption from the top down. President Trump is a firm believer in the rule of law, as his actions have shown. President Trump, even has an older sister, that is a federal judge, who probably instilled in him, more respect and honor in the law than most people. The American People are honored, and served well, by President Trump. We, the American People, stand behind our President, and the agenda he put forth.

The conspiracy against President Trump was formed and implemented by Former President Obama, while still in office. Yes, the Russians did try to interfere in the elections, but not one tally was changed. So what did the Russians do to affect the election? The main thing is they hacked the DNC server and leaked the emails to Wikileaks, or did they? According to an NSA analyst, that was given the data rates, the Russians could not have downloaded from a remote location. Who downloaded the DNC server? Who gave the emails to Wikileaks? The Russians have denied it, as well as the owner of Wikileaks has said it was not Russia or any state. The intelligence agencies were denied access to the DNC server and never subpoenaed it. Yet Former President Obama and the Intelligence agencies say it was Russia without a doubt and throw out Russian Diplomats, confiscate property, and put sanctions on Russia, based on this. President Trump has been scorned, by former President Obama, the intelligence agencies, and the Main Stream Media, for questioning their findings and actions. Well it looks like President Trump is right again. Also, do not forget about the fake Russia dossier, that was even included in the security report about Russia interfering in the election. False again, verified false by FBI James Comey under testimony. President Trump, being the focus of the Russia collusion story, false also. The systematic leaks that ended with the meeting of Donald Trump Jr with a Russian lawyer that led no where except confirming that the Trump Campaign was being spied on by the Obama Administration, illegally using the NSA database because only Carter Page had a FISA warrant, again using the false dossier. The abuse in the executive branch by former President Obama should be completely and thoroughly investigated. The actions and cover up should be noted well. The Russia story should still be in the headlines, with the results showing this conspiracy to undermine the Trump Administration before it even began. Peaceful transfer of power did not occur this inauguration. Congress is continuing to obstruct this process, especially the Democrats. The talk of Impeachment, mental health, and complete disrespect for a sitting president by politicians, main stream media, and liberal public has to stop. The violence at rallies and protests, is organized and a disgrace. I think President Trump should visit the spots where the protests became violent with the US military protecting him. Let these domestic terrorists show up and then lock them up for the criminals they are. I think Former President Obama should be investigated and the records at his library subpoenaed. Follow the money of the DOJ slush fund. Follow the money of the Clinton Foundation. Follow the money of the members of Congress who appear to live far beyond their means. Follow the money of the Obamas. Drain the DC Swamp and its Un-American Scum.

President Trump is doing a fantastic job, and as he gets his people in position, it will only get better. The opposition is all those who spout Un-American garbage and disrespect. May God Bless America and its American People, and may he punish and destroy those who are Un-American.

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