America of the Future.

The America of the future, is very different than it is today. We will have antigravity vehicles, fusion energy, directed energy weapons, forcefields, health scanning, photonic radar and communications, light to electricity power conversion, starships, and many other wonderful technologies. Optical circuitry that will allow us to progress beyond binary computers. The future is so much brighter than anyone realizes. No more relying on fossil fuel, and no more energy crisis. The next generation of technology and beyond, will make science fiction a reality. As we develop this technology, we will become the most advanced and most powerful nation on Earth. No military will be able to touch us, but we will be able to destroy them, whether it be a single person or an entire country. Field drives will replace propulsion systems and all modern weaponry and vehicles will be obsolete. It is not that far off into the future.

The time has come to advance this nation and Make America Great Again. The time has come to advance technology to its next phase of development. The time has come to advance into a star traveling race. The time has come to find new worlds for our people so our existence is assured, even if something catastrophic occurs on Earth. The time has come to find out if we are not alone in the universe. The time has come to find and meet God, if he exists out there. I believe when we begin the next phase of technology, that God will return to us, and let us know his will. I believe a new era will begin and that it will be more glorious then anything we can imagine. May God Bless Us and Guide Us According to His Will.

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