America First, Now and Always.

President Trump, today made a deal with Congressional leaders on both sides to fund the government, raise the debt ceiling,for three months and provide initial Hurricane Harvey relief. This deal gives Congress more time to focus on his agenda by taking out three major issues. President Trump is showing his leadership skills at the critical time they are needed. Many people seem to be criticizing President Trump for this deal, because they think it will give the Democrats an upper hand over the Republicans at election time. The time has come for the public to know that the conspiracy to overthrow and weaken President Trump by the Obama Administration is not fake news. The fake news is the Russia/Trump story. The American People have been lied to for over a year now, with this fake Trump/Russia narrative, when it is the Clinton/Obama/Russia story that is the real story. President Trump has not obstructed an investigation, but Former President Obama and his administration did. President Trump has been transparent and provided all requested information and interviews. Former President Obama had the Whitehouse records sent immediately to his library to avoid FOIA requests for five years. Hillary Clinton destroyed evidence and hard drives. DOJ, FBI and various Intelligence Agencies are refusing to give information out. The investigations into this Democratic conspiracy are beginning to come to light. By this time next year, we are going to see indictments and trials of many high level Democrats. The Democrats and even some Republicans will probably be caught up in this. I predict a landslide in elections for those that support our President and losses for those that do not, and maybe even jail time. I believe President Trump is having this conspiracy investigated right now, because I do not believe our President is an idiot. The reason the Dept of Justice does not disclose its investigations, is to lull people into a false sense of security, until they can obtain their evidence against them. This conspiracy against our President is outright Treason against the United States of America, and our President Trump. The American People are not going to forget the hell and division these Traitors committed. The American people are demanding justice and for the Law to apply to all in this country. They all swore an oath to the constitution, and they have failed us. The DC Swamp is about to be drained, and many should be worried. I have faith in President Trump, and in those that the President has appointed. I do not trust any of the others. The President has shown himself to be for the American People, and to uphold the US Constitution. May God Bless America, and bring her to greatness. Make America Great Again.

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