The Science Proves The Lies.

The Science Proves The Lies. Many Scientific Theories, are just that, Theories.

The Big Bang Theory, has never been proven. 50 years ago scientists were still debating if the universe was going to stop expanding, and collapse back on itself, making the Big Bang a universal cycle. Since they are unable to explain the expansion speeds and the masses do not match, they came out with dark matter and dark energy, to explain the discrepancies. Dark matter and dark energy are also just theories.

The theory of black holes, is no longer but fact. Black holes exist in the center of every galaxy. They have even been observed and a photo of one has recently been made. 50 years ago, the black hole was only a theory. Some of you may remember the motion picture, the black hole.

The theory of evolution has been proven about some species on Earth, but Human Evolution is still just a theory. They have mathematically concluded, that Humanity has not been on the planet long enough to have evolved naturally, so Human Evolution is still only a theory, due to no missing link has ever been found. It is theorized that Humanity evolved naturally on Earth, but the evidence to make it fact has never been found. It has been stated that man evolved from apes, but according to genetics, man may have evolved from pigs.

The theory of Human Creation, is that an advanced race or superior being, created Humanity. Cro-Magnon Man, which is the present Human Form, has no known predecessor. This is still a theory, and until the beings from Heaven, or God-Allah-Yahweh, can produce the required proof of our creation, it is still just theory.

The theory of other planets around other stars, was just theory until about 20 years ago when the method of reduced light proved that planets do exist and orbit other stars. This is now fact.

The theory of the hollow moon, or at least partially hollow moon, seems to have much evidence in its favor but you rarely hear the scientists mention it. It is strange that our moon is the exact size and distance necessary to create full solar eclipses perfectly. The USA won the race to put Humans on the moon due to a miscalculation by the USSR about the density of the moon and the point of its gravitational pull. Seismic apparatus was placed on the surface and twice objects have been slammed into the moon. The first was small and created a ringing for over an hour. The second was larger and the ringing lasted 3-4 hours. The theory of the moon having once been part of Earth has been disproved by lunar rocks. The Earth is assumed to be 4.5 billion years old, but the lunar rocks were 8-15 billion years old.

These are major theories and facts. Today we have scientists claiming global warming, but their models proved false as well as their predictions. Our major coastal cities should already be under water and the ice caps completely melted, but they are not. The increase in atmospheric temperature never appeared, but the internal planet temperature has risen over 2 degrees. They now claim that human activity has created climate change on the planet. A single volcanic eruption can place enough greenhouse gas equal to a full year of human activity. We are seeing multiple ancient volcanoes becoming active. This is due to a fact that scientists know, but intentionally distort.

The magnetic field of Earth shifts periodically, and can also make the surface of the Earth shift. When the north magnetic pole moved from above Canada to above Siberia, the sun and moon began rising and setting in different locations. This is fact and not theory.

The magnetic poles of the planet Earth do shift, and it is proven with analysis of magnetic lava rock.

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As you see from these articles, Humanity is very slow and rarely gets its theories to become fact. The push for vaccinations in young people makes no sense. Why are we not vaccinating the animals that can catch Covid and create new strains? Why are Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Regeneron and Eli Lilly antibody cocktails, and other preventatives, therapeutics, and therapies, being promoted as safe alternatives? Why are people who have recovered from Covid being advised to get vaccinated when it may harm them if they use mrna vaccines? See the analysis.

Did you know that the Healthcare Professionals actually paid for the research that created Covid?

You want to know the Science, and you should demand that they show you the Science. The Climate Change that they love to throw around, is a celestial event, not man-made. The magnetic poles are about to shift. All the signs are the same as they recorded before the ‘sinking’ of Atlantis. Only a small fraction of Humanity survived that one. The Covid scare and vaccination push, have no Scientific basis, especially when,

The World population is 7.8 billion people, or 7,800,000,000 people. 3,694,984,437 people have been vaccinated worldwide, for a virus that has had only 194,080,019 cases and 4.16 million deaths. 47.37% of the global population has been vaccinated. World population over 65 is estimated at 7.9% of the population. This means that the vulnerable have already been vaccinated?

The only thing I can say, is that they are EVIL and have some type of agenda. It is the only answer. The following article is about me, and should make all of you aware, that this solar system, planet, and Humanity, are part of a great experiment.

You see, from just these articles, that I have been very busy, but you fail to realize that I exist, and you as a species, have failed to advance to my level, even with 7.8 billion of you and 30 years of me trying to teach and advance you. You need to check out these websites to see just how busy I have been, and also to realize, what is really happening in your world, to your world, and what is about to happen to you, and your world. You will be surprised to realize just how much many of you ignore, or avoid, or fail to accept.

May you all find the righteous path and become Worthy to enter Heaven. My daily prayer is this:

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.