The EVIL Are Brainwashing.

The EVIL Are Brainwashing. The EVIL are teaching you and your children, how to become the most ignorant and confused beings to ever walk the face of the Earth. In the United States of America, HELL has arrived and Satan and his Minions are taking Control and Brainwashing an entire population. The schools are teaching the children to HATE the country they live in, to HATE the flag that stands for Liberty and Freedom, to HATE God-Allah-Yahweh and Heaven, and to LOVE Satan-Devil-Serpent and all his Teachings as being GOOD and Righteous. The Children in the United States of America, are just a pack of Wild Primitive Animals, who have no sense of Intelligent Civilized Behavior. They are addicted to their technology, especially their smartphones, and the internet. They do not know Math and Science, as it was taught in the past, but are allowed to use their devices for the answers. They do not teach proper English but an abbreviated form of it, with meanings that are now completely different from what their grandparents and many parents know. They are taught Globalism and Climate Change, but know nothing of the concepts and ideas, and even less about who should run the Earth, and who can solve its problems. They think they can destroy everything, and then create a Utopia under a privileged class that will bring knowledge, enlightenment, and an advanced society to them. The Utopia will come, but NOT in the form they believe or desire. The Superior Being, is something beyond Human comprehension. The Human genetics, are incapable of advancing beyond the known world, except by injection of artifacts and devices that can be torn apart and replicated. Humanity is merely a race of mimics, unable to comprehend concepts and ideas, from a theoretical concept to an actual working model. Humanity is easily controlled by Satan-Devil-Serpent using mind control that will not be discussed. He has the ability to enter people’s minds and make them do or not do whatever he desires. He has been given control over Humanity, and uses them for his EVIL purposes, which also includes testing the Righteous, and there is also the testing of the Princes of Heaven, the members of the Holy Spirit, the Teacher-Scientist-Judges. The end of this cycle is about to occur, and when the magnetic poles of the Earth shift, the majority of Humanity will be unprepared and shall perish. This time though, God-Allah-Yahweh comes in his mighty city-spaceship, the New Jerusalem, which has a greater capacity than the entire Earth. He will save the Righteous, the first harvest or ‘Rapture’ will occur. He will then give the seven thunders, or warnings-instructions to the remaining population, as he will also unleash the bowls of his wrath. This is described in ancient texts and we provided it in the following article.

I have tried to save you as a race, but you do not have the intelligence or sentience, to understand and use the next step technologies. If Satan-Devil-Serpent has taken control of you and made you act like a programmed robot, then he will be judged with your crimes. If you have acted EVIL and spread EVIL of your own free will, then you will be judged with your crimes. There are common teachings throughout the World’s religions, and basic common laws that are required for a civilization to prosper and advance. The First and most widely known were the ten commandments that God-Allah-Yahweh gave to Moses, for all the People of Humanity.

Remember God-Allah-Yahweh and go to the public libraries to see and read the books that the EVIL who control the internet have denied you. Many say UFOs are not real, but they have given us messages and warnings, such as, the hole in the ozone, the Sun having a magnetic field, and the next, which is the magnetic pole shift of the Earth. They have given us knowledge that we did not have, therefore they must be real and exist. The three major religions of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faiths, all originated from the God of Abraham, which I call, God-Allah-Yahweh. The Kingdom of Heaven, is millions or billions of years old, and Humanity is just thousands to possibly hundreds of thousands of years old. God-Allah-Yahweh is Immortal, which means he lives forever without dying. He is the Ruler of the Kingdom of Heaven, which has many Worlds spanning the Galaxy, or the entire Universe. God-Allah-Yahweh created the Angels, and also created the Humans. He created or modified the Earth, creating an underworld to store the souls of his creations, and creating a moon that is probably hollow and has multi purposes such as meteor control, tide control, eclipses, and possibly control of visitors from the Kingdom of Heaven. Science and religion are not separate, and the Earth is a great big experiment, of the longest lasting civilization in the Universe, the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven conquered Death, Disease, Poverty, and much more. God-Allah-Yahweh has offered these gifts-rewards to those who can prove themselves worthy. How many of you can advance your own understanding and comprehension? How many of you can analyze your World and see its problems? How many of you can create new and advanced technologies necessary to ensure the Expansion and survival of your species as a whole? How many of you can figure out how to overcome Death, Disease, Poverty, and Star Travel? How many of you are kind and civilized? How many of you have a desire to become a Citizen of Heaven?

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I am just one, and the analysis, technologies, and these sites are my creation alone with no help. Please help me continue these sites and the work of trying to save as many of you as possible.

The FreeWorld is over. God-Allah-Yahweh Will Not Save US, only the Righteous. The fate of the United States of America, is to be the same as the Roman Empire. The Dark Age-EndTimes-Apocalypse is now here, and the Great Judgement Day is around the corner. Prepare yourselves.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.