The Election Machines.

The Election Machines. The 2020 US Elections, should all be redone, due to deliberate election tampering through the election machines. All of the Local, State, and Federal elections may have been rigged. The Election Systems, are supposed to be secure, isolated, local systems with no access to the World Wide Web. The Election Machines are supposed to be updated using USBs programmed with the updates from the manufacturer, and then, they are required to be re-certified to verify that the machines are performing properly. The problem, with Election Machines, is that they can be tampered with, in many ways.

The ballots can be made intentionally wrong, to cause adjudication. This has been seen with having separate Democrat and Republican ballots. Sharpies have also been used to cause bleed through, which again sends the ballot to adjudication. The adjudication process, allows others to determine the vote, but has no supervision or safeties to allow auditors to see who made the decision, when, and why. This allows for cheating on a massive scale.

The Election Management System software, located on the server and workstations, allows the injection or deletion of ballots, as well as the weighted feature that allows for cheating by giving ballots ratios such as 70-30. The databases that are supposed to be secure, but are able to be manipulated by anyone with admin access, thus making the Election Results suspect. It has even been reported that favored candidates can be given votes before the Election even starts. If this is true, then the Election Systems and Election Machines, and the Will of the People, is being subverted. This is not Election Fraud, but Election Tampering, and anyone involved in these criminal acts should be prosecuted and sent to prison.

The next action can only be controlled by constant observation. The ballots themselves are manipulated, by shredding the opposition ballots and injecting falsified ballots into the system. We have seen this happen numerous times. We have also seen chain of custody documents forged and-or missing.

We have also heard that the main server for the 2020 US Elections was located in Frankfort, Germany and seized by US Military, but seems to have vanished like many other evidence. This is unacceptable because the US Elections are supposed to be secure and remain inside the United States of America.

Here are the articles covering the 2020 US Elections, Election Fraud, and Election Tampering. The Audits are required to determine the extent of the corruption and the weaknesses in the Election Machines, and Election Systems.

We hope that we have brought you helpful information and that we saved lives, and souls. We hope that God-Allah-Yahweh will save as many of Humanity as possible, when he comes to Judge US.

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