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There are many options available and there is also the old trick of jumping from the third or fourth step of stairway to cause a miscarriage. Late term abortions are no longer necessary, except in emergencies and-or accidents that kill the child or place the mother in danger. The industries that harvest abortion body parts for various research, cosmetic surgeries, and organ harvesting can all go out of business or seek body parts from the recently deceased. The destruction of the fetus, is easily done with pills, with minimum discomfort for the female. The choice to abort is still with the female, and the risks are greatly reduced when surgery is not required.

In the past, the female was forced to carry to term, and put up for adoption, an unwanted child. The female that became pregnant, out of wedlock, was often shunned, ridiculed, and considered a stain to society. This is no longer the common thinking among society, and single mothers are now very commonplace.