Only Biological Robots.

Only Biological Robots. Humanity does not think for itself. I am just 1 man, that was born on this rock, but I was told at 6-7 years old, in a spaceship, that I am a Prince, and to find my way back. I was imprinted with the path my life would take over the next 10 years. I have developed my intelligence far beyond the rest of you. I have seen many of you controlled remotely, and I have seen all of you fail to grasp and pursue simple technologies that would advance Humanity into the stars. You number almost 8 billion people, yet you fail to advance to my level at 23 years old, let alone now at 56 years old. You behave like controlled biological robots, incapable of sentience and-or intelligence. You fail to grasp that this world is just a zoo, or testing ground.

You fail to grasp the simplest technological advances that can provide you with fuelless energy. Some of you are pursuing similar paths, but failing to go slightly more. Light, is a form of energy that can travel billions of light years with no means of propulsion, yet you still do not try to make spaceships that behave like light. Light can be created, captured, concentrated, and directed, yet you barely pursue its research anymore. Magnetism and gravity are associated, and electricity and magnetism are associated, so why is Humanity still using rockets and propulsion, that are inefficient? You are nothing but biological robots, controlled from a source that you fail to see, or refuse to see. I have tried to make you advance, by teaching you the simplest of my discoveries, but you fail to understand them, are incapable of understanding them, or are blocked from understanding them. This only verifies that my conclusion is accurate, and that Humans are only controlled biological robots with no real intelligence or sentience.

Prove me wrong. Here are the technologies that can lead you to the stars.

And you also fail to correlate religion with extraterrestrials and that the ancient gods and angels were from heaven, aka outer space. They have given us knowledge, and predictions, that have been proven true, after investigation. Here are the articles associated with this.

All these articles and analysis, were put together by me, one man. I have no college. I am not rich or even well to do. I have no staff or workers. I came out with light as electricity using fiber optic loops. If anyone wishes to collaborate and develop true scientific and technological advances, please contact me at I am seeking employment at this time.

We bring you hope, knowledge, and wisdom, and pray that God-Allah-Yahweh finds you worthy.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.