Purge DOJ And FBI Of Corruption.

Purge DOJ And FBI Of Corruption. All investigations involved with Peter Strzok since his lie detector failure are now tainted. All investigations involved with Lisa Page and her refusal to testify are to be considered tainted also. Robert Mueller and his failure to pursue investigations where the evidence leads, should now be considered tainted. All FBI agents refusing to refer criminal findings for prosecution to DOJ need to be removed, reviewed, and terminated, and themselves prosecuted for obstruction of justice. All DOJ prosecutors refusing to pursue obvious crimes in court, need to be removed, reviewed, and terminated, and themselves prosecuted for obstruction of justice. The FBI and the DOJ have failed the American People and must now be purged of the bad actors before the need to disband the organizations completely, will be required. Law Enforcement and Federal Prosecution, are required for Rule of Law, and must be above reproach. The American People are seeing huge miscarriages of Justice, and failures of the Rule of Law. We see improper investigations begun on blatantly false evidence, and we see cases with huge amounts of evidence not prosecuted and/or not even referred for prosecution. This is NOT the Republic of the United States of America, that was set up by our Forefathers. The American People are seeing a collapse of our systems, that should NEVER have occurred.

Evidence is going missing. Witnesses are being killed or meeting strange accidents. Proper evidence is not being pursued. False evidence is being pursued. Investigations are being made or ignored according to political bias and/or corruption. Evidence is destroyed, and immunity given out to protect criminals. Evidence is seized improperly, and people are being treated like hardcore criminals for simple white collar crimes. What the hell is going on in this country??? Oversight is being denied. Witnesses are refusing to testify. Documents are being changed. Documents are slow walked. Documents are heavily redacted to cover up. Witnesses are NOT being called in that should be. The Rule of Law is DEAD.

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Good Vs Evil is happening right now, and Evil appears to be getting away with lies, deceptions, and crimes. God/Allah/Yahweh Is Tipping The Scales For The Side Of Good, And Has Prepared Judgement Day. Prepare Yourselves, For None Can Do Battle Against God And The Armies Of Heaven. God/Allah/Yahweh Is About To Fulfill His Promises, And The Righteous Are About To See His Mighty Power.

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